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My name is Ricky Takrani, and I am a fashion influencer and model based in Akola, Maharashtra. I have a deep passion for fashion, and I use my platform to showcase the latest trends and styles in men’s fashion, particularly in the streetwear category.

As a fashion influencer, I have a significant social media following, with a large and engaged audience on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. I use my platform to share my personal style, offer fashion tips and advice, and review the latest fashion products and brands.

As a fashion model, I have worked with several well-known fashion brands and have participated in various fashion shows and events. My modeling work has helped me gain valuable experience and insight into the fashion industry, making me an expert on the latest trends and styles.

I am interested in collaborating with brands that share my passion for men’s fashion and streetwear. I believe that my platform and expertise can help your brand reach a wider audience and drive sales. I am confident that my followers trust my fashion recommendations and will respond positively to your brand’s products and messaging.

Thank you for considering me as a potential collaborator. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and promote the latest in men’s fashion to my audience.


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