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Dear Influencer, In this video you will be sharing everything about yourself, like your struggles during the growing journey as an influencer. After the full video is shot, we will share this video with our brands and also publish it on our Youtube channel, which will help you in expanding your social media reach.

Once the video is completed, you will be able to be listed on our platform. Your profile will be visible to brand and agencies who might reach out to you for collaborations.

Dress code will be casual

Type of questions you might be recording in this video:

How did you started as an influencer?

It will cover points from where did you get the motivation to become an influencer and how you reach there, where you are today.

Problems you faced during this journey?

You will be asked about the problems that you have faced and how you have solved those problems.

Motivation for our viewers

Motivate our viewers, from your journey so they can also fulfill their dreams like you.

We’d love to see you there!

At your convenience

This video will be recorded at the convenience of your home, office or whatever place you choose to. You will get the questions and you have to record and send us the answers. Our team will also review your social media account before making your profile public on our platform.

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