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Join Universal Tribes: Empowering Tribal Artists and Farmers of India

  • Job Duration3 to 6 months

Project detail

Dear Influencers,

We hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. We are reaching out to you on behalf of Universal Tribes, a brand dedicated to empowering tribal artists and farmers across India. We have come across your remarkable work and believe that your influence and creativity align perfectly with our vision.

At Universal Tribes, we are on a mission to bring the beauty of organic foods, handicrafts, and handmade paintings created by tribal communities to the forefront. We believe in the power of sustainable practices, cultural preservation, and supporting the livelihoods of tribal artisans and farmers.

By collaborating with Universal Tribes, you have an opportunity to become a catalyst for positive change and make a real difference in the lives of tribal communities. Through our partnership, we aim to create a platform that showcases the incredible talent and craftsmanship of these marginalized artisans and farmers, while also promoting their products to a wider audience.

Here’s what makes Universal Tribes unique:

  1. Empowering Tribal Artists: We work directly with tribal communities, providing them with fair trade opportunities and fair wages for their work. By collaborating with us, you will help these talented artists gain recognition and build sustainable livelihoods.
  2. Organic Foods: We source organic foods from tribal farmers who use traditional and sustainable farming practices. By promoting these products, you will contribute to a healthier and more sustainable food system while supporting the economic development of tribal farmers.
  3. Handicrafts and Handmade Paintings: Our collection includes a wide range of exquisite handicrafts and mesmerizing handmade paintings that showcase the rich cultural heritage of tribal communities. Through our collaboration, you can help preserve these traditional art forms and promote their appreciation.

By partnering with Universal Tribes, you will not only have access to a unique collection of products but also be part of a movement that celebrates the diversity and talent of tribal communities. We offer competitive compensation for collaborations, along with opportunities for exposure to our rapidly growing customer base.

If you are interested in collaborating with Universal Tribes, please let us know your preferred method of engagement, whether it’s through sponsored content, product features, or creative campaigns. We are open to discussing custom collaborations tailored to your unique style and audience.

We look forward to the possibility of working together and making a meaningful impact on the lives of tribal artists and farmers in India. Please send us your proposals to discuss further.

Thank you for considering Universal Tribes as a potential partner. Together, we can empower and uplift tribal communities while spreading the beauty of their creations to the world.

Warm regards,
Team Universal Tribes

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