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I will Promote your giveaway to the TOP 10 giveaway websites


Promote your giveaway to the TOP 10 giveaway websites

Make Your Giveaway, Sweepstakes or Contest go VIRAL!

Simply creating a giveaway and expecting people to enter is a big mistake and a costly one. You need to put marketing behind it to give it that extra push to make it go viral. Start building hype and engagement with these carefully selected packages.

I have been involved with giveaways for over 3 years and maintain a curated list of over 100 Giveaway, Sweepstakes and Contest websites (Primarily based in USA 86% and 7% Canada)

I also Promote your Giveaways to Social Media with an Active and Targeted Audience and newsletter subscribers(5k+) interested in giveaways.

How many entries can you expect?

It depends on too many factors to predict. I have got about 500 to 1200 entries in my latest orders. The traffic would be even more than that. This is the result of my Premium package.

Let me get the most exposure for you by submitting your giveaway to these High Traffic websites, newsletters and Social Media. Take your giveaway to the next level and get more entries!

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