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Join our Affiliate Program and Earn Up to ₹75,000 per month

  • Job Duration07 Days or Less

Project detail

Dear Influencers,

This is regarding a new affiliate campaign introduced by KDB Deals. Through this campaign you can endorse our products on your instagram page and can earn up to ₹75,000 per month.

What is Affiliate Program?

It is a program where you can earn money from referring products to your friends and family.

What will I Get?

If you participate in this campaign you will get Flat 10% Lifetime Revenue from all the sales made from your Link.

What my Followers will Get?

Your followers will also get Flat 10% Instant Discount Coupon which they can redeem on all the products referred by you. This coupon code will be made on your name.

How can I Start?

  1. Create an account as an Affiliate on our portal from here.
  2. Once you have created the account, drop us a message here with your email Id
  3. We will then create a personalized product page and Coupon for your followers
  4. Start sharing and start earning, as simple as that

Can I track my Sales?

Yes, you can check your real time sales from your Affiliate dashboard.

Drop your messages here, if you are interested.

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