3 Powerful Reasons to Rent a Website for Effortless Product Selling Online

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, the traditional concept of owning a website to sell your products is evolving. For those who lack the technical know-how or prefer a cost-effective approach, renting a website has emerged as a viable solution. This blog will explore three prominent platforms where you can rent a website, kickstart your online sales, and navigate the realm of e-commerce with ease.

3 Websites that offers Rent a Website Feature

  1. KDB Deals:

KDB Deals stands as a pioneer in the field of rented e-commerce platforms. With its inception in 2019, it has carved a niche for itself by facilitating over 1000 vendors, each generating substantial sales. The rental prices start as low as ₹499 for a 6-month tenure. The website boasts an impressive customer base of over 1 crore users and garners approximately 50,000 new visitors daily. This immense traffic ensures that your products can find their market from day one.

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  1. Stayhit:

Stayhit introduces a unique model of website rental by offering the service for free. Instead of upfront charges, they operate on a small commission basis for each product sold through their platform. Originally established in 2021 as a beauty and health product-centric website, Stayhit’s success prompted the expansion of its product categories. Visit their website to explore the opportunity to sell a diverse range of products hassle-free.

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  1. Readymade Website Store:

For those seeking a more comprehensive approach, the Readymade Website Store offers an advanced solution. This platform provides an opportunity to purchase pre-built websites with premium names, encompassing essential components such as active social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, professional email services, one year of hosting, technical support, and an activated Google Merchant Center account. With such a comprehensive package, success in sales becomes almost guaranteed.

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The Future of Retailing – Renting Your Online Presence

Renting a website for selling products can be a game-changer for many aspiring entrepreneurs or small businesses. It eliminates the barriers of entry into the competitive e-commerce space. Whether you opt for a low-cost solution like KDB Deals or prefer a more comprehensive approach with Readymade Website Store, the advantages of reaching a wider audience and capitalizing on an existing customer base cannot be understated.

Benefits of Renting a Website:


Renting a website eliminates the significant upfront costs associated with building and maintaining your own site. With a minimal rental fee or commission-based model, businesses can allocate more resources to product development and marketing.

Rapid Market Entry:

These platforms boast established user bases and significant daily traffic. This means your products are immediately exposed to a large audience, expediting the sales process from day one.

Hassle-Free Maintenance:

Technical aspects, including hosting, technical support, and active social media channels, are often included in the rental package, reducing the burden of maintaining the website.

Key Takeaway

The concept of renting a website to sell products presents a disruptive shift in the e-commerce paradigm. It offers an opportunity for businesses and individuals to harness the power of an established online platform without the complexities and costs associated with building and maintaining a website from scratch.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or someone stepping into the realm of online sales for the first time, these platforms provide an accessible, cost-effective, and efficient solution. The ability to capitalize on an existing customer base and generate sales from the get-go positions rented websites as a crucial tool in the modern retail landscape.


Renting a website to sell your products is not merely a cost-saving strategy but a strategic move that offers a head start in the competitive world of e-commerce. Whether it’s KDB Deals, Stayhit, or the comprehensive Readymade Website Store, each platform provides a unique opportunity to enter the online marketplace, gain visibility, and generate sales efficiently and effectively. Embrace the future of retailing by renting your website today.


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