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Birth of Ready Made Site Store

Once upon a time, Btech Marketing Wala had a job. We needed to make a website for a customer. We finished it in just 7 days and gave it to the customer. But then, the customer wanted more. They wanted the website to get lots of visitors without paying for ads. This is called SEO, and it takes a long time. Usually, it takes 3 to 6 months for a new website to get lots of visitors from SEO.

We had an idea. We thought, “Why don’t we make websites before people ask for them?” So, we made websites before anyone even wanted them. These websites had everything already done: pictures of products, posts on social media, and even SEO. We worked on these websites for 3 to 6 months. After that, we sold them to people who needed websites. These websites are called Ready Made Websites.

So, now people could get websites that were ready to go. They didn’t have to wait for months for their website to get lots of visitors. They could buy a website and start getting visitors right away. And that’s how Ready Made Site Store was born!


Readymade Website Store

What is the Readymade Website Store by Btech Marketing Wala?

The Readymade Website Store by Btech Marketing Wala is a comprehensive platform that offers prebuilt websites with built-in ecommerce features. These websites are meticulously designed and developed to be ready for immediate launch, requiring minimal setup time. The goal is to provide individuals and businesses with a quick and efficient solution to establish their online presence and start selling products or services without the complexities of building a website from scratch.


The Readymade Site Store is versatile, catering to various industries, and allows users to customize the websites to align with their brand identity. It’s a user-friendly and time-saving option for those looking to enter the online marketplace swiftly. Whether you are a startup, an entrepreneur, or an established business, the Readymade Website Store offers a convenient and effective way to kickstart your ecommerce journey.

How are these sites different from traditional websites?

Traditional websites often require extensive development, design, and marketing efforts to establish a brand and attract traffic. In contrast, our Readymade Sites go beyond typical websites; they are prebuilt brands. These brands come with an existing traffic and customer base, providing a unique advantage. Acquiring a Readymade Site means inheriting the assets, credibility, and audience that the brand has already generated. By uploading your products, you leverage the groundwork laid by the previous brand owner, accelerating your entry into the market and maximizing the potential for immediate success. It’s not just a website; it’s a prebuilt brand ready to catapult your business into the spotlight.

Can I customize the Readymade Site to match my brand?

Absolutely! The Readymade Site Store by Btech Marketing Wala is designed to be flexible and customizable. You can tailor the site to match your brand’s identity, ensuring that it reflects your unique style, messaging, and visual elements. From color schemes and logos to content and imagery, you have the creative freedom to make the Readymade Site truly yours. This customization allows you to maintain brand consistency and make the site an authentic representation of your business. The goal is to empower you to showcase your products or services while preserving the essence of your brand on a platform that’s both efficient and personalized.

Are these sites suitable for all types of businesses?

Yes, the Readymade Site Store by Btech Marketing Wala is suitable for various types of businesses, especially those in the ecommerce sector. The versatility of these prebuilt websites makes them adaptable to different industries and niches. Whether you’re in retail, services, or any other ecommerce-oriented business, the Readymade Site Store provides a solid foundation for your online presence. The sites come with built-in ecommerce features, making them particularly well-suited for businesses looking to showcase and sell products online. The user-friendly interface ensures that businesses of all types can benefit from the convenience and efficiency of a prebuilt website to kickstart their online ventures.

How does the listing process work for products on the Readymade Site?

The listing process for products on the Readymade Site is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. It follows a process similar to listing products on other ecommerce platforms. Here’s a general overview:

  1. Access Your Dashboard: Log in to your Readymade Site’s dashboard. This is your central hub for managing your site and product listings.

  2. Navigate to Product Listings: Locate the section or tab dedicated to product management within your dashboard. This is where you’ll find options related to adding, editing, or managing your products.

  3. Add New Product: Choose the option to add a new product. You’ll typically be prompted to fill in essential details about the product, such as title, description, images, pricing, and other relevant information.

  4. Product Details: Provide comprehensive details about each product, including specifications, sizes, colors, and any other pertinent information that helps potential buyers make informed decisions.

  5. Upload Images: Include high-quality images of your products. Visual appeal is crucial in online shopping, and clear images enhance the customer’s understanding of what they are purchasing.

  6. Set Pricing and Inventory: Specify the pricing for your products and manage inventory if applicable. This ensures accurate stock tracking and prevents overselling.

  7. Save and Publish: Once all necessary details are entered, save your product listing, and if applicable, publish it to make it visible to potential customers.

  8. Review and Optimize: Take a moment to review your product listings. Ensure that all details are accurate, and consider optimizing product titles and descriptions for search engines if you want to enhance discoverability.

  9. Repeat for Additional Products: If you have multiple products to list, repeat the process for each one, tailoring the information to match the unique attributes of each item.

By following these steps, you can efficiently list your products on the Readymade Site, providing potential customers with a seamless and engaging shopping experience.

Do I need technical expertise to manage the Readymade Site?

No, you do not need technical expertise to manage the Readymade Site. The platform is built on WooCommerce, a user-friendly and widely-used ecommerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce is known for its intuitive interface and ease of use, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical proficiency.

Managing your Readymade Site involves tasks such as adding or updating products, adjusting prices, and handling orders—all of which can be done through a straightforward dashboard. The user-friendly nature of WooCommerce ensures that you can navigate and manage your site efficiently without requiring in-depth technical knowledge.

If you encounter any challenges or have questions about managing your Readymade Site, our customer support team is available to provide assistance. This allows you to focus on your business and products rather than dealing with complex technical aspects.

Can I integrate my preferred payment gateways?

Yes, you can integrate your preferred payment gateways with the Readymade Site. The platform is built on WooCommerce, which supports a wide range of payment gateway options. WooCommerce is known for its flexibility, allowing you to integrate various payment processors to cater to your specific business needs.

During the setup or configuration process in your Readymade Site’s dashboard, you will find options to select and integrate payment gateways. Depending on your region and business requirements, you can choose from popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Razorpay, CC Avenue, PhonePe, Paytm, and many others.

This flexibility ensures that your customers can make payments using the methods they are comfortable with, providing a seamless and secure checkout experience. If you have specific preferences or requirements for payment gateways, you can customize the integration to align with your business strategy.

Is customer support available for assistance?

Yes, customer support is available to assist you with any inquiries or issues you may encounter while using the Readymade Site. Btech Marketing Wala is committed to providing excellent customer service to ensure that your experience with the Readymade Site is smooth and successful.

If you have questions about the setup process, customization options, product listings, payment integrations, or any other aspect of managing your Readymade Site, you can reach out to the customer support team for assistance.

Contact information and support channels should be provided within your Readymade Site’s dashboard or on the platform’s website. Feel free to reach out whenever you need guidance, and the support team will be ready to help you make the most of your ecommerce venture.

Can I migrate an existing website to the Readymade Site Store?

Migrating an existing website to the Readymade Site Store might not be feasible, as these Readymade Sites are prebuilt with existing traffic and customer bases. Attempting to migrate an established website could potentially impact the SEO and other assets that come with the Readymade Site.

The Readymade Site Store is particularly advantageous for those starting a new online business or looking to expand their online presence with an additional site. It’s an efficient way to tap into a ready-made brand with a built-in audience and assets, making it ideal for those seeking a quick and effective entry into the online marketplace.

How quickly can I expect sales after listing my products?

The speed at which you can expect sales after listing your products on the Readymade Site depends on several factors, including the age of the domain and the duration since the Google Merchant Center account was activated.


Domain Age:

The longer the domain age, the stronger the SEO foundation of the site. Older domains often have established credibility and better search engine rankings, contributing to quicker visibility.


Google Merchant Center Account Activation Period:

The duration for which the Google Merchant Center account has been activated also plays a crucial role. A longer activation period generally leads to a more robust product presence on Google Shopping, potentially driving more sales.


While these factors contribute to the speed of sales, it’s important to note that individual product competitiveness, market demand, and effective marketing strategies also influence the timeframe for generating sales. In many cases, businesses experience sales relatively quickly after listing their products on Readymade Sites, benefiting from the groundwork laid by the previous owner of the site.

How can I leverage the social media presence of a Readymade Site?

Leveraging the established social media presence of a Readymade Site provides a valuable head start in expanding your online reach. These sites, having been operational for a significant duration, come with an existing and active social media presence. To harness this advantage, seamlessly integrate your products into the ongoing narrative of the site’s social media accounts. Engage with the existing audience by sharing updates, promotions, and relevant content. Leverage the platform’s history to build upon a community that is already interested and engaged. Additionally, consider cross-promoting your products on your personal or business social media channels to drive traffic to the Readymade Site. By strategically intertwining your offerings with the site’s social media presence, you can amplify your brand’s visibility and tap into a pre-existing, engaged audience. This approach not only accelerates your online presence but also establishes a connection with potential customers who are already familiar with the Readymade Site’s social media community.

Is there a limit to the number of products I can list on the Readymade Site?

The Readymade Site is designed to accommodate a substantial number of products, and there isn’t a strict limit imposed on the quantity you can list. However, it’s essential to approach product management thoughtfully to ensure an optimal shopping experience for your customers. While the platform is scalable, consider factors such as the diversity of your product offerings, ensuring each product receives the attention it deserves. Strategically organizing and categorizing your products can enhance the overall navigation experience for visitors. This flexibility allows you to showcase your entire product range effectively. Feel free to explore the range of products you wish to offer and tailor your listings to provide a seamless and engaging shopping journey for your customers.

Can I track the performance of my products on Google Merchant Center?

Certainly, you can track the performance of your products on Google Merchant Center. The platform provides robust analytics and reporting tools that offer valuable insights into how your products are performing in Google Shopping. Key metrics such as clicks, impressions, and conversions are readily available, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your listings.

By regularly monitoring these metrics, you can gain a deeper understanding of your product visibility, user engagement, and conversion rates. This data empowers you to refine your product listings, optimize your advertising strategy, and make informed decisions to enhance your overall performance on Google Shopping.

Utilizing the tracking capabilities of Google Merchant Center ensures that you stay informed about the impact of your products in the online marketplace, enabling you to adapt and refine your approach for continued success.

Are there any additional costs beyond the initial purchase of a Readymade Site?

Beyond the initial purchase of a Readymade Site, there are typically no hidden costs for the first year. Hosting services, a crucial component for maintaining a website’s online presence, are provided free of charge for the initial year. This ensures that you can establish and run your online store without incurring additional hosting fees during this period. Furthermore, technical support, a valuable resource for addressing any inquiries or challenges you may encounter, is also offered at no extra cost for the first year. This comprehensive package allows you to focus on building and growing your online business without worrying about additional financial commitments in the initial stages.

By regularly monitoring these metrics, you can gain a deeper understanding of your product visibility, user engagement, and conversion rates. This data empowers you to refine your product listings, optimize your advertising strategy, and make informed decisions to enhance your overall performance on Google Shopping.

Utilizing the tracking capabilities of Google Merchant Center ensures that you stay informed about the impact of your products in the online marketplace, enabling you to adapt and refine your approach for continued success.

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