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I will give you 1 Product Unboxing, which is Technical for 300 seconds


Product Unboxing Technical

This pack will give you 1 Product Unboxing, Description which is Technical: Electronics / Electrical

  • 300 seconds running time
  • Video editing
  • 1 actor

If you are a Product manufacturer, Seller or from any Service Industry who wants to showcase their products or service then I will provide you the Video of Product Unboxing, Product Description, Product Usage, Service Explanation, Mobile App. usage and hands on, Website Explanation etc.

Any Technical or Non Technical product video can be made which will help you to boost your sales and customers will understand it better than any still Image.

Customizable Package :

I can make a Customizable package to suit your requirements. JUST PING ME.

Additional Revision is available with additional Charges will give Re Shoot, additional text, images or Video Stock insertions as per clients requirements.

The Actor in the shoot will be played by me.

Special effects can be added with images, Video or Texts if required.

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