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I will unboxing and demonstration video of your product


120 second video with product description with background music

  • 200 seconds
  • Product demonstration
  • On-camera host

Hi, I am a professional model working in the field of advertising for any products.

By choosing this ad, you will receive high-quality video ads for your product.

Our task is to show all the advantages of the product.

Work with different types of optics for specific tasks when shooting.

Working with us, you will receive:

1. Customized natural background

2. Exciting product video

3. Prompt delivery

4. Editing and placing your logo

5. Video in any format or extension

6. Style for a specific product.

Send video script/outline for review, or bullet points to cover, include wardrobe and background required.

If you are interested in the return delivery of the product, please inform this in advance!

Please do not place an order until I receive your products.