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About “Btech Marketing Wala”

We’re a bunch of experienced entrepreneurs, marketeers & tech geeks who believe that we can better the way marketing is done on the biggest social media platforms. We believe that the future lies in the beautiful blend of technology & people, and we’re here to make it happen with you.

Btech Marketing Wala is the world’s first Open Marketplace for brands to discover & collaborate with all kinds of talented experts and influencers in India. For experts & influencers, we help you with campaigns and sponsorships from some of the best brands, agencies & startups. This lets you focus on what you do best, i.e engage & grow your audience through awesome content.

Posted projects

  • Project costCost ₹400.00

Hi All, Btech Marketing Wala is a growing marketplace for brands and experts to meet and make deals. We are here to promote our own…