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About “Global Medicare Inc”

Human beings from birth have various Wants, Desires & Needs. When a child is born, needs to be around his mother as he feels safe and loved. When the child grows up has needs like looking good, and having friends. In adolescence, there comes a need to be loved and have partners. In adulthood comes a need to have the best experiences and get satisfied. During Maturity years there is a need to remain healthy and restore youthfulness. As age grows need is to slow the ageing process remain healthy , active and keep looking young.

Vigini has been carefully observing different aspects of human needs and remains conscious towards its customers needs of having the Best Body, Happy Heart, and Alert Mind. We have thus Categorised Human Needs

  • Look Good
  • Best Experiences in Intimate Times
  • Remain & Look Youthful
  • Healthy Fit & Disease Free

We continue to research ever-evolving human needs, the best & safe Natural Actives for our formulations to help meet those needs. Vigini products are formulated with safe Natural Actives in noncontaminable packaging for ease of usage and safety.

Our products are Sulphate, Paraben, Mineral Oil & Synthetic Fragrance-Free making them Non-Toxic & Hypoallergenic.

As we continue to research & develop new products


Vigini’s Wellness range works towards providing its customer with great experiences while in their intimate moments and achieving complete satisfaction for them and their partners like never before. The Ayurveda Principles which are the basis of all its products help in slowing down aging process and Restore Youthfulness for many more years. It supports Men and Women to remain Healthy, Youthful, and Vibrant.

Our Skincare Category helps remove Pollution or Sun’s Damaging ill effects on our skin with 100% Natural Actives which are ‘Natural and Safe’ and are Great effective ways to keep your Skin Healthy, Bright, Youthful and Radiant.

Vigini’s Hair and Face Category work towards improving Hair quality and reducing Acne, Pigmentation and Ageing related issues thru Science-Based Formulations and thorough research.

Through its specific categories, Vigini provides its customers a complete wellness experience from a Satisfied Happy Mind to a Youthful Radiant Body thus making it a wholesome Inside Out Experience.

Vigini Promises its customers with best products which:

  1. Contains Natural Actives
  2. Paraben & Sulphate Free
  3. Free from harmful chemicals
  4. Hypoallergenic & Non-Carcinogenic
  5. Provides Hygienic Packaging
  6. Does not contaminate in a single use

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Introducing Vigini Natural Actives – your go-to brand for all things beauty, health, and wellness! Our range of products is carefully crafted with natural ingredients…