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About “Stayhit”

Why choose StayHit?

StayHit is very discreet and offers privacy, customers’ purchase history isn’t open for outside access. monitors the sale, quality & efficacy of medicines. Prescriptions are required, as it’s possible to misuse certain medicines. A few medicines that carry many restrictions may cause serious consequences, if taken without proper prescription and supervision. Another reason, that a registered and licensed e-pharmacy like is the right choice for Indians who love progress.

Organic Certifications

StayHit is a licensed e-ayurveda pharmacy with a staff of highly qualified pharmacists- those who study the medicines prescribed by doctors. Pharmacists check for accuracy in prescriptions, and ensure that medicines customers ask for don’t contraindicate each other. A licensed e-ayurveda pharmacy offers the same medicines as offline pharmacies, but shopping online for medicines means you can reach out anywhere in the country for best prices and the most convenient method of shopping.

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