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About “The Static Store”

The Static Store was a natural upgrade for MemeRaj. Built on the resolve to provide a wider plethora of offerings to our customers. Now we don’t just do memes, but also work to provide a chilled out set of designs in material that is easy to wear and comfortable in all seasons. Wear them how you like.

MemeRaj, the best e-store that is a home to all your trending meme merch. Shop all your favourite memes under one roof and showcase your love for them to everyone. With the trendiest and most unique styles, we invite you to explore the world of memes and contribute to this revolution of Meme Merchandise!

How it all started

It all started with a small idea that struck two brothers.

Bhai, I want this meme’s tshirt! But no one sells them”

“Then let’s do it ourselves!”

And that day around the dining table, MemeRaj came into existence!

We aspire to provide our customers a memorable shopping experience. Our ardent desire to help people reach out to their favourite meme merch was the building block for MemeRaj. Every member of our team gives their soul to fulfil the promise to send the customer with a smile after shopping with us!

Posted projects

  • Project costCost ₹7,500.00

Attention Memelords and Influencers! Get ready to bring laughter and style to the masses with The Static Store, your ultimate destination for trending meme merchandise.…