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Vanshita Purohit - Jaipur's top influencer for health, wellness and inspired living

My name is Vanshita Purohit. I’m a lifestyle, health and fitness influencer based in Jaipur, India. With over X followers across social media, I create holistic content focused on wellness, self-care and living your best life.

Health and fitness have always been big passions of mine. I share workout routines, healthy recipes, tips for cultivating positive habits, and reviews on products/trends in the wellness space. My goal is to motivate and inspire my audience to take care of their bodies and minds.

Beyond fitness, I provide lifestyle inspiration through travel content, productivity tips, personal growth insights and more. I give an authentic look into my journey of nurturing a balanced, meaningful life.

As an influencer, I’m committed to partnering only with brands that align with my ethics and aesthetics. My focus is creating inspiring, educational content that resonates with my community.

If you feel we’re a great match, I’d love to collaborate! Please reach out to explore working together. I look forward to sharing your brand’s message in a way that provides real value.


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