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Arpita Shakya: An authentic voice inspiring stylish living

My name is Arpita Shakya. I am a lifestyle influencer based in Lucknow, India. With over 50,000 followers across Instagram and YouTube, I have built a strong community of engaged viewers who trust my recommendations on fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle.

As an influencer, I aim to create inspiring and entertaining content for my audience. I share my honest opinions on the latest trends and products, while also providing tips and ideas for living a stylish, meaningful life.

My audience responds well to my relatable personality and aesthetic. I receive many positive comments from viewers who feel motivated by my content. Brands can expect to see this level of engagement and enthusiasm when collaborating with me.

I am selective about the brands I partner with, only promoting those that authentically align with my audience and values. When done thoughtfully, these partnerships allow me to create even better content for my community. I am eager to collaborate with mission-driven brands doing innovative work in my content areas.

With my strong social media presence and engaged following, partnering with me is an impactful way for brands to raise awareness and connect with potential customers. I am committed to ensuring mutually beneficial partnerships that support my continued growth as an influencer.

Please feel free to reach out to discuss opportunities to work together. I would love to explore how we can create something meaningful. Thank you for your consideration.


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