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I will show your clothes and other fashion related products beautifully


I will provide 10 photographs in a single or 2 outfits. I will shoot a 10sec video in the outfit.

  • 10 photos
  • 1 video
  • Live direction

Hello everyone, I am Tanya. I love getting dressed up and photographs clicked. This made me consider fashion modelling as a career option. I am passionate about it, so I can ensure that you will get the best product. I will do customizations according to your requirements and negotiations are open for any order.


  • Natural and authentic
  • Eye-catchy
  • All of them will have different poses
  • Outdoor shoots, if required
  • Proper Dress up
  • Various backgrounds
  • Close-ups, medium and wide frames


  • Video could be silent or scripted
  • The duration can also be variable as per requirement
  • I can both speak and act in them
  • I can also shoot demo to wear them (no nudity)
  • I can speak regarding the product – materials or any other details both formally and informally.

Please place the order after contacting me and the days of delivery would begin after I receive the product. If you want the product back, please pay before hand for the return expenses.

I can do ethnic, western wear, casual, formal etc.

I also do cosmetics, jewellery, skin care and hair care products.

I don’t model for lingerie or swimming costumes.

Do not contact me for appropriate or erotic stuff

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